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Structural Stability of Engineered Lumber in Fire Conditions Online Course
2008 TN Media-Reported Fire Fatality Report Download PDF(731kb)
Sprinkler Contractor Rule (TN) Download PDF (26kb)
Sprinkler Contractor Law (TN) Download PDF (34kb)
Cheatham County (TN) Sprinkler Resolution Download PDF (32kb)
Pleasant View (TN) Sprinkler Ordinance Download PDF (41kb)
Ashland City (TN) Sprinkler Ordinance Web Link
Pennsylvania Fire & Emergency Services Institute's Report regarding alternatives to "Stand-by" Fees for sprinkler systems Read Report Here
Tualatin Valley (WA): "A Tale of Two Houses" Web Link
Chief Shane Ray's EFO Papers
2002 - Impacts of Growth / Quality Fire Protection Download PDF (306kb)
2004 - Motivating Fire Chiefs To Promote Sprinklers Download PDF (16.2mb)
2005 - Fire Sprinklers as a Deployment Option Download PDF (815kb)













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