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Fire Rips Through Spring Hill Home
A family of 12 was displaced in this June 16th fire.  Additional information will be provided.
Woman Dies in Hendersonville Fire
Death marks 1st TN fatality in over a month

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155-Year-Old Columbia Home Destroyed in Fire

Man Escapes Mobile Home Fire

Box Fan Leads to Bartlett Business Fire

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Fire Safe Cigarette Bill Passes,  Awaits Governor's Signature

US Fire Administrator
Releases Message on Residential Fire Sprinklers

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition launches website

designed for kids to learn about fire safety and sprinklers!

Common Voices and the NFSA

Partner for Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act

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Showed Signs of Success

Begins Tragically

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Vol. FF Dies while Responding in Personal Vehicle

Piperton Passes Sprinkler Ordinance

Fayette County May Follow Suit

Sprinkler Stops Apartment Fire

Single-head activation prevents tragedy in Columbia

Tennessee Year-To-Date Fire Fatalities

As Fire Prevention Week approaches, FTT examines what has happened to this point in 2007.  More...

Charleston (SC) Poised for Change

How does your department measure up?

A Tale of Two Furniture Stores...

Fire Safe Cigarette Legislation Clears Judiciary Committee

9-0 vote sends bill to Finance Committee

Sprinkler Stops

Brentwood Hotel Fire

Second time in two years that sprinkler has saved a Brentwood hotel.

Prevention Programs Pay Off:

Kingsport and Pleasant View share their success stories...

America's Fire Problem:

Growing Every Day

Will Your PASS Device Work?!?

The CDC draws fire for investigations, reporting process.

Highway 58 VFD Loses Firefighter

Click HERE to visit the department's site.  You may leave condolences in the Guestbook area.


...of TN fire departments aren't reporting to TFIRS!

Read the report here.

Fire Team Accomplishes "Extreme" Mission

Team effort provides sprinkler system to deserving family.

TN Receives IFSAC Accreditation

Official Press Release

Cheatham County Passes County-Wide Ordinance

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The CBS Early Show: Live sprinkler demo on national television

Click HERE to read their story & watch the video!

Residential Sprinkler Saves Carroll County (MD) Home

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Fire Team at the TFACA

FTT concludes it's 7th conference at the state fire and codes academy.



FTT in Orlando, FL

Fire Team Tennessee was represented at the 62nd Annual International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida January 11-14, 2006.  Jim Dalton, Vickie Pritchett, and Wayne Waggoner helped Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Spokesperson Ron Hazelton with the new "Built for Life Game" in the HFSC booth.  The lines were constant as builders and developers learned about residential fire sprinkler systems and their installation. 

"Watching the reaction of builders when the statistics and facts about fire sprinklers are shared is exciting," says Vickie Pritchett, FTT Project Manager.  "It is encouraging to realize that builders and developers see the value of fire sprinklers and are embracing their installation in new homes."



Packed House in Knoxville!!!

FTT's final scheduled conference ended in Knoxville.      Click HERE for pictures.

FTT Visits Roane County

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ICC Adds Residential Sprinkler Requirements to Appendix

All Aboard!!!

Fire Team Steams Into Chattanooga

Tuesday, October 4, 2005, Patterson, New York The National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) is pleased to report that history was made at the 2005 International Code Council (ICC) Final Action Hearing in Detroit, Michigan, when the ICC voting membership voted to place fire sprinkler systems in all new one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses by placing the requirement in the Appendix of the International Residential Code (IRC). The voting members had to overturn the IRC committee, who previously denied the code change. An appendix in the IRC is only enforceable if a local jurisdiction adopts the new appendix requirements. The new appendix will be included in the 2006 edition of the IRC.
     NFSA President John Viniello commented, A special thanks goes out to all the organizations and those individuals who worked with NFSA for many years on this residential sprinkler requirement. It is becoming more obvious by this action that as a Nation we are now ready to require residential sprinklers where we live, work and play.


Fire Team - Kingsport: Remembering 9/11

Photos from the event

Fire Team Memphis: A Hit in Blues City!

The Memphis Fire Team event produces the largest attendance to date.  Click HERE for more photos.

Franklin Fire Chief Leads by Example

Franklin Fire Chief Rocky Garzarek (left) takes a look at the fire sprinkler system being installed in his new home in Franklin's Westhaven development. 

Chief Garzarek attended Fire Team Tennessee's Nashville event in June, and decided that fire sprinklers would be a must for the safety of his family.

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