What is Fire Team Tennessee?

Fire Team Tennessee is a cooperative initiative that is funded by a FEMA Fire Prevention grant.  The initiative is dedicated to sharing information with community leaders regarding fire sprinklers and the many ways they can benefit a community and contribute to quality of life. 

The Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectors Association is the lead organization, partnering with the National Fire Sprinkler Association, the Tennesse Fire Chiefs Association, the Tennessee Firemans Association, the Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Manufacturers Association, the Tennesse Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association, and local fire departments. 

This collaboration will provide you and your community valuable resources that will help you educate yourself and develop a fire prevention plan for your community.  The conferences will provide a time for you to network with other key community leaders and policy makers, learning together about the positive benefits sprinklers can play in a community.

Why Attend?

The Fire Chief
Be Proactive!








Your community is invited to bring your team!

Fire Team Tennessee will be presenting six (6) two-day seminars across the state, all free of charge to your team!

Who Makes up the team?

Any four of the following:  Mayor, City Council / Commission Member, City Manager, Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, Building Commissioner, or Water Utility Manager.

When and Where?

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This site will be updated frequently.  However, if you have questions, please send us an email.