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Tennessee governor signs proclamation designating September as Campus Fire Safety Month

Program enters its sixth year with 142 proclamations having been issued to date

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May 4, 2010 Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen is the tenth governor to sign a proclamation in 2010 for Campus Fire Safety Month which will occur in September. Since 2005, 142 proclamations have been issued by the nationís governors as well as resolutions being passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. Schools use September as an
opportunity to educate students about what they need to know about stopping a potentially fatal fire from happening and what to do if one should break out.

States that have issued proclamations in 2010 include:

- Colorado
- Illinois
- Maine
- Mississippi
- Missouri
- New Hampshire
- North Carolina
- Tennessee
- Washington
- Wisconsin

In the current academic year, 5 people have been killed in campus-related fires, the lowest on record. Since Campus Firewatch began gathering information in 2000, 140 people have died in campus-related fires across the nation with over 80 percent occurring in off-campus housing.

A map with the state proclamations is available on www.campus-firewatch.comby clicking on the button Campus Fire Safety Month.






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