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Recent Fire Highlights Importance of Prevention
Shane Ray, Chief - Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department      February 21st, 2007

The fire prevention program at Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department is working.

Just ask Rheanna Moulton, a 12 year old Sycamore Middle School student and resident of Pleasant View. Rheanna is the daughter of Frankie and Donna Moulton and lives at 2540 Spring Street.

"My dog barked and then I saw smoke coming out of my Daddy's room," explains Rheanna. "I took Dixie (Rheanna’s dog) and got out of the house, and I went to Uncle Greg's house next door.”

Rheanna did exactly as she had been trained to do by volunteer firefighters. Each year the department brings a fire prevention message to all elementary and middle school students during the month of October. Rheanna and her uncle, Greg Moulton, called 911 and the fire department was there in 4 minutes. Again, Rheanna was the one giving instructions on what to do next.

"I knew what to do because of the firefighters coming to my school," saya Rheanna. "I didn't try to put the fire out, I got out and stayed out! And I went next door to call 911."

Rheanna’s story could have been much different. A quick scan of recent news stories will tell you that 59 people have died in fires across our nation during the first 16 days of February. 25 Tennesseans have died since January 1st of this year. Tennessee is consistently in the top 10 of USFA fire statistics that track fire death rates.

“We are very proud of Rheanna, she listened and she put her fire safety plan into action,” says Chief Shane Ray.  “An event like this makes it all worthwhile, our fire prevention outreach program is working.”

Pictured left to right:

Rheanna Moulton, Fire Chief Shane Ray, Firefighter Allen Nicholson, and Captain Trey Nelms.

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