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Fire Team Accomplishes "Extreme" Mission

Hendersonville, TN

As the tornadoes finally ended their path through middle Tennessee on April 7th, 2006, one family was just beginning to grasp the magnitude of the damage that was left behind.

Wife and mother, Amy Hawkins was left paralyzed after their home collapsed around her as she shielded her two young boys.  Her husband, Jerrod Hawkins, was on duty at the Brentwood Fire Department at the time of the storm.

As a result of a grass-roots campaign, ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" arrived in late-August, building the Hawkins' a new home, complete with a "tornado safe room".

Amy Hawkins and son Cole examine one of the concealed sprinkler heads that were installed in their home.

Unfortunately, there was one key component missing from the new home: a fire sprinkler system.  Efforts were made to have the system included in the construction of the new home, but due to time constraints and the effort to keep the build a secret from the family, the system was excluded.  That's when Fire Team USA set out on a mission to make sure this family was protected.

A coordinated effort between Fire Team, Tyco, local sprinkler contractors (Bruhn & Bruhn, Nashville Sprinkler, and SCC Sprinkler), and area fire departments (Pleasant View, Ashland City, and Brentwood) came to fruition on Friday, December 1st, with the installation of a fire sprinkler system in the Hawkins' home.


View WSMV Channel 4's coverage of the installation, including video and related stories, by clicking  HERE.







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