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Fire Review Panel Releases Initial Recommendations


On Friday, August 17th, Charleston Fire Chief Rusty Thomas was presented with the Fire Review Panel's list of initial recommendations resulting from their inquiry into the department's operations and response to the Sofa Super Store fire on June 18th.  The Panel, made up of fire service experts from across the country, was appointed by Charleston Mayor Joe Riley.

While this list of recommendations was derived from an investigation into the Charleston, SC, fire department, it is incumbent upon fire service leaders from across the nation to review this list from an introspective point of view.  How does your department measure up?  Are there items on this list that your department doesn't meet? 

Other areas that must be considered are in the arena of public policy and codes enforcement.  How would a more effective inspection program influenced this event?  What about a proactive sprinkler requirement?  The outrageous tap fees that were being charged by the City, which served as a huge barrier to suppression systems, has already been removed by the Mayor.  Why did it take the deaths of nine firefighters for someone to say "we have a problem here"?

Don't wait for a tragedy such as this to be a catalyst for improvement...


















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